Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

The latest iteration of Beauty and the Beast mixes urban fantasy and procedural drama, renouncing the magical world of the identically titled CBS fantasy show from 1987 in favor of current influences. Those modern influences include the World Trade Center terrorism attack and the war in Afghanistan. It’s a reimagined work of romantic fiction set on the dangerous streets of New York. The Beauty and the Beast experience of today is a CW vehicle with two title characters caught in a web of intrigue. They may be destined to fall in love under the deadliest of circumstances, but this magnetism also holds the potential to end their lives. Mysterious forces are relentlessly pursuing Vincent Keller (The Beast) and Catherine “Cat” Chandler (Beauty) through every plot twist and gritty street corner.

Beauty And The Beast


Setting the Stage

A teenage Catherine “Cat” Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) is ready to head for home after a shift spent tending bar. She’s ready for bed but finds that her car won’t start. It’s a moment on which her life pivots as she calls for help. When her mother arrived to jump-start Cat’s car, their lives takes a dramatic and deadly twist. Two thugs jump out and gun Cat’s mother down, pursing her into the woods to finish the murderous work. It’s only through the intervention of a strange figure that she survives the night. The stranger employs enhanced strength and animalistic force to tear the intruders apart before disappearing into the night. In the last fading moments of shock, Catherine is certain the growling shadow is a man, but her rescuers aren’t convinced, believing instead that the villains were stopped by a large, vicious animal.

The Beauty and the Beast Saga Moves Ten Years Forward

Affected by the trauma of that terrible night, Catherine Chandler now works as an NYPD detective, serving in the homicide department with her partner, Detective Tess Vargas (Nina Lisandrello). Seeing her mother murdered before her eyes has influenced her life choices at a deep level, motivating the young woman to aid the helpless. She solves homicides, stopping them when she can by placing herself in danger. This is how her life would have continued, but destiny swings her back into the orbit of Vincent Keller, the very Beast that saved her life that fateful evening.

The second thread of the story comes from another tragedy, one on a larger scale. Two brothers lose their lives in World Trade Center terrorism attack; they are siblings of a man preparing for a career as a medical doctor. Doctor Vincent Keller, responding to the loss of family, joins the U.S. Army to fight the forces of terrorism at their heart, but a shady organization known only as Muirfield curtails this altruistic intent. Muirfield conducts medical experimentation on Vincent under the guise of creating superior soldiers. The experimentation uses him as a guinea pig, splicing his DNA with that of a number of animals. The result is a mutation, a gift of enhanced strength and super-human abilities, but his control is imperfect. The serum is unstable, causing physical and mental changes when he feels an oncoming adrenaline rush. The changes bring out the Beast in Vincent (Jay Ryan).

Becoming Immersed in the Cat and Vincent Love Story

Now based in New York and hiding from Muirfield, Vincent begins to develop a reputation as a vigilante, helping those too weak to help themselves. Cat fights the same battle, though she uses the law instead of mutated strength. They both have friends to help them avoid the villains of the day. Detective Vargas stops Cat from giving in to the darkness caused by the death of her mother, and Vincent relies on the aid of his lifelong friend, J.T Forbes (Austin Basis). It’s at this point that the threads begin to entwine, creating a revealing picture. Cat’s mother, it’s dramatically revealed, worked for Muirfield, the same organization that genetically altered Vincent’s body, and there are rumors of another Beast.

Watch Beauty and the Beast online and find yourself caught up in these plot twists and more. Vincent’s battle to confront his barely restrained animal self is compelling viewing for every member of the family. His gifts are a curse and his noble spirit is the only thing preventing him from raging across the city of New York. Of course, Beauty can tame the heart of the wild Beast when his control is weakest, and this is where tragedy is transformed into hope and love. The story of Cat and Vincent may be a retelling of a classic fairy tale, but it’s a reimagining that adds intense drama and heart-pounding pacing, smartly positioning antagonists between the hero and his true love.

The Characters of Beauty and the Beast

The Muirfield organization is a shadowy agency determined to capture what they regard as an escaped asset. Vincent Keller is their super-soldier, and he must be returned to the laboratory. It’s this conspiracy link, the murder of Cat’s mother, the medical experimentation on Vincent, that ties the lead characters together, but there’s much more to see in the Beauty and the Beast universe. Watch Beauty and the Beast online to catch up on the progress of Evan Marks, a medical examiner with links to Cat. He’s a British national walking a dangerous path as he infiltrates Muirfield. In addition, there’s the reassuring influence of Joe Bishop, police chief and associate of Detective Cat Chandler to familiarize yourself with during those edge-of-the-seat episodes where Muirfield is particularly threatening.

Thrill to catching up on the drama inherent in each episode of Beauty and the Beast, to plots where synthetic cures are almost in reach and gut-wrenching moments where Vincent’s abilities save lives. There may even be another Beast to be seen.