Back In The Game

Back In The Game

Back in the Game is a home run family comedy that centers around baseball, America’s favorite pastime. It is quite rare for a show involving baseball to attract non-sports enthusiasts. However, Back in the Game manages to strike a chord with viewers of all ages and interests. It is a show that will leave you feeling good at the end of each episode.

Back in the Game


Back in the Game Story

The show reunites Terry Jr., a past All-Star softball player, with her retired, outwardly opinionated father Terry. She returns home with her young son Danny after a failed job and a divorce. Fireworks fly as two different personalities butt heads. When Terry comes back home, her son joins the neighborhood Little League team. This comes as a pleasant a surprise, since Danny has had no knowledge or desire to play sports in the past. The downside is that his team is in jeopardy of disqualification because there is no coach. Since Terry has a sports background, she reluctantly takes on the position of leader. Unfortunately, she discovers the team is filled with misfits who have little hope of winning anything.

Character Interactions

Terry Jr. is in the midst of a life crisis. Her entire world is crumbling around her, and the last place she wants to be is back home where she grew up. Her father was very disappointed when she ran off after high school, ignoring the fact that she could have had a career in softball. Over the years, her father became increasingly bitter. However, it ends up this reunion has been a blessing in disguise. It gave this father and daughter a chance to heal old wounds and secretly acknowledge to themselves they are happy to be back together. Terry’s dad had a terrible time dealing with the death of his wife and felt deserted after his daughter left. Meanwhile, Terry felt she could never do anything right in the eyes of her father. Along the way, the love of the game of baseball brought them closer.

Besides interacting with her father and son, Back in the Game is also filled with other characters. Terry’s best friend, Lulu Lovette, is a mother of one of the kids on her team. This friend happens to be a rich socialite who brings Terry support through thick and thin. Another main character is Dick Singbaugh, an arrogant man who develops sexual tension with Terry despite his annoying and male chauvinist behavior. He also happens to be the coach to the “enemy” Little League team that always wins.


Back in the Game welcomes James Caan back to the small screen. He is best known for movies like “The Godfather,” “Brian’s Song” and “El Dorado.” He is excellent in the role of Terry’s dad. Caan’s wry comedic talents shine as he plays a beer-guzzling, baseball-obsessed grandfather. In certain episodes, his rough exterior is briefly cracked as the love of his family is made evident. Terry, played by Maggie Lawson of “Psych,” is extremely believable as a desperate mom trying to pick up the ruins of her life while supporting her son. Griffin Gluck plays Terry’s son Danny. He is a lovable kid who is trying to fit into a mean world. Lenora Crichlow plays Terry’s best friend Lulu. She is a wealthy widow with no knowledge of sports but manages to offer great support both on and off the field. Finally, Ben Koldyke takes the role of the resident jerk who fails to realize that he is a big loser. As previously mentioned, the scenes between Lawson and Koldyke are some of the best in the show. Overall, the chemistry among the entire cast of characters is good. All the actors bring talent to the series and hit it out of the park with entertainment.

Current Plot

Even though this series involves baseball, Back in the Game really contains a theme far away from sports. It is more concerned with the lessons life teaches and the feelings that come from being part of a team. A team is like a second family, and family is at the root of the show. The pilot was enjoyed by many viewers because it involves the story of an underdog. As Danny joins a Little League team filled with athletically-challenged children, the audience begins to root for them.

Back in the Game is a breath of fresh air. There are no police dramas, courtroom battles or murderers to reveal. On the same note, there are few laugh-out-loud jokes as well. However, it is a light and heartwarming story that is simple to follow. Since there is no foul language or inappropriate content for children, it is a great show to view with the whole family.

To catch up with some great family entertainment, watch Back in the Game online. It is a simple way to view past episodes you may have missed or rerun some of your favorites. Also, it is a convenient way to fill spare time or relax at the end of a busy day.