American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Set up as an anthology series, each season of the show features many of the same cast members returning in completely different roles, telling stories inspired by American horror lore. Use our guide to find the story you like best and watch American Horror Story online.

American Horror Story: Murder House

Though the first season of the series themed itself around adultery, this American Horror Story is really an old fashioned ghost story. Ben and Vivien, along with their daughter Violet, move into the historical house that marks the setting after Ben cheats on Vivien and she miscarries. As the three of them struggle to find common ground, they are haunted by those who lived and died in the house.


Murder House: The Characters

Ben Harmon – Portrayed by Dylan McDermott, Ben is a psychiatrist who has trouble resisting temptation, whether it comes in the form of one of his students or the household maid.

Vivien Harmon – Portrayed by Connie Britton, Vivien wants to forgive Ben for his past mistakes, but is unable to trust him after the numerous times he’s lied to her. She becomes pregnant with twins, but one of the babies is not her husband’s.

Violet Harmon – Portrayed by Taissa Farmiga, Violet is equal parts angry and naïve. While her parents are at war and she feels like an outsider, she seeks solace in Tate.

Constance Langdon – Portrayed by Jessica Lange, Constance has long lived next door to the Murder House, and she knows all of its secrets. The life of her family is closely tangled with the house.

Addie Langdon – Portrayed by Jamie Brewer, Addie is Constance’s daughter who is a frequent guest at the Harmon house, though not always at their invitation. She spends much of her time playing with ghosts in the basement.

Tate Langdon – Portrayed by Evan Peters, Tate is the son of Constance, though it is revealed much later that he is actually one of the ghosts of the house, having killed many of his classmates in a school shooting several years earlier.

American Horror Story: Asylum

Primarily set in the 1960s, though intercut with stories set in the future, the second season of American Horror Story focuses on a mental institution called Briarcliff Manor, exploring the lives of several of its residents and staff.

Asylum: The Characters

Sister Jude – Portrayed by Jessica Lange, Sister Jude is a former nightclub singer turned nun in an effort to repent for past mistakes. She makes it her mission to destroy the evil present at Briarcliff.

Sister Mary Eunice – Portrayed by Lily Rabe, Sister Eunice begins the season as a shy woman. When she becomes possessed by the devil during the exorcism of a patient, she takes on a completely different personality.

Dr. Arthur Arden – Portrayed by James Cromwell, Arden is a former Nazi who founded the institution and routinely experiments on the patients.

Dr. Oliver Thredson – Portrayed by Zachary Quinto, Thredson is secretly a serial killer who has placed himself in a position of power to make sure someone else is convicted of his crimes.

Kit Walker – Portrayed by Evan Peters, Kit is the patsy for Thredson’s crimes. He believes that his wife was abducted by aliens.

Lana Winters – Portrayed by Sarah Paulson, Lana is a journalist who is committed by her girlfriend. She becomes the obsession of Dr. Thredson.

American Horror Story: Coven

The third season centered on a community of outsiders struggling to find their place in the world – the descendants of Salem witches attending a boarding school in New Orleans. They are a dying breed and must discover who the next Supreme witch is before they all perish.

Coven: The Characters

Fiona Goode – Portrayed by Jessica Lange, Fiona is the current Supreme witch. She is extremely powerful, but even she cannot cheat death, and it has made her bitter and vindictive. She wants to steal the powers of the younger witches to lengthen her life.

Cordelia Foxx – Portrayed by Sarah Paulson, Cordelia is Fiona’s daughter and the headmistress of the boarding school. She has always lived in the shadow of her mother’s power, but she might be stronger than she knows.

Zoe Benson – Portrayed by Taissa Farmiga, Zoe doesn’t even know she’s a witch until she accidentally kills her boyfriend and is shipped off to boarding school. She takes to her lessons quickly and makes friends with the resident bad girl.

Madison Montgomery – Portrayed by Emma Roberts, Madison is a movie star who is used to getting what she wants, and what she really wants is to be as powerful as Fiona.

Myrtle Snow – Portrayed by Frances Conroy, Myrtle is a member of the Council of Witchcraft and a former classmate of Cordelia’s. She has a deep motherly affection for Cordelia.

Misty Day – Portrayed by Lily Rabe, Misty is what Fiona refers to as a “swamp rat.” She lives on her own in the swamp, capable of bringing the dead back to life. The others seek her out while searching for a new Supreme.

Marie Laveau – Portrayed by Angela Basset, Marie is a legendary voodoo priestess who has long been a rival of the descendants of Salem.

Delphine LaLaurie – Portrayed by Kathy Bates, Delphine was a notorious racist and slave owner in historical New Orleans. She was cursed and buried alive by Marie Laveau, only to be uncovered by Fiona years later.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Set in Florida in the 1950s, the fourth chapter of American Horror Story focuses on the last of the freak shows, and the members who are attempting to keep the dying business alive.

Freak Show: The Characters

Previous season cast members Angela Basset, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Denis O’Hare, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts and Gabourey Sidibe are all slated to play members of the Freak Show or residents of the town in which the show is set up.