American Dad

American Dad

American Dad was developed by Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman and Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. Mike and Matt continue to run the show and give it a different essence than Seth’s other series.

The animated show follows CIA agent Stan Smith of Langley Falls, Virginia and his family. Everyday events and issues are taken to outrageous and funny extremes. Puberty, dating, buying a car, school sports and being neighborly are just some of the situations that get blown out of proportion in the half-hour episodes. You can watch American Dad online and enjoy the humor without disturbing the kids.


American Dad Family

American Dad centers on Stan Smith and his family. Stan and his wife Francine have a son and daughter, Steve and Hayley.

Stan Smith is a father, husband, family breadwinner and occasional ice skater. In order to provide for his family, Stan is employed as an agent for the CIA. His boss is a recurring character voiced by Patrick Stewart. The job comes with a number of perks that include remote control of a robotic person via a virtual reality rig, a duplicate body double and the chance for a cyborg body in the future. Stan Smith has never made a secret of his staunchly Republican political views. He has even fought to become a representative at a Republican National Caucus. Stan firmly supports the NRA and the right to bear arms. He is shot twice in one episode and uses this as reason to support gun ownership.

Francine Smith is Stan’s wife and the mother of Steve and Hayley. She spent a number of years living in an orphanage after her biological parents discovered they couldn’t take her as a baby into the First Class section of an airplane. Francine was later adopted by Chinese Americans Baba and Mama Ling. As an adult, she stays at home most of the time and acts as the grounding force for the family. Francine has taken a number of brief jobs outside the home. She has been a successful realtor, owned a muffin kiosk in the mall, been a surgeon for the mob and discovered the habitat of the colossal squid.

Hayley Smith is Stan and Francine’s daughter and oldest child. She is as liberal as Stan is conservative. Hayley is a typical hippie and usually can be seen wearing a headband and black tank top that displays her pierced belly button. Hayley’s romantic trysts have involved Stan’s CIA boss, Deputy Director Bullock, a CIA-employed talking koala named Reginald, and fellow hippie Jeff Fischer. Jeff and Hayley’s relationship is off and on until they trick Stan and Francine into giving them $50,000 and get married.

Steve Smith is the youngest member of the family. He is a nerdy kid that attends the fictional Pearl Bailey High School. Bullies frequently pick on Steve and his friends. Steve gets revenge through an elaborate and misguided plot. Steve’s best friend is named Snot and is voiced by classic nerd actor Curtis Armstrong. Their clique also includes obese Barry and Japanese Toshi. The boys in the group are knowledgeable in the ways of video games and science fiction but much less so in the ways of girls. This is evident when they all purchase thong swimsuits for summer camp. This leads to them being reviled instead of objects of the praise and worship the swimsuit salesman promised. At one point Francine and Stan give Steve injections that age him quickly past puberty. They later have to convince him to take the antidote and experience puberty instead of remaining an 80-year-old man.

Other Characters

American Dad features many other interesting residents of Langley Falls. While they don’t all appear in every episode, they do round out the series as a whole.

Roger is an alien from a different planet that lives in the attic of the Smith home. He also runs a bar up there that is only patronized by the members of the Smith family who need to talk to him. Roger is very crude and insulting. It is revealed in one episode that his species must be this way because they will die from being kind. Roger has an elaborate wardrobe full of costumes and wigs. He adopts a broad range of personas in order to interact with the world outside the house. Despite being from another planet, he is definitely a part of the Smith family. At times, he can be even more childish than Steve.

Greg and Terry are a pair of newscasters for the local Langley Falls television station. The two men are partners in the studio and outside it. It took Stan some time to comprehend the nature of their relationship after the duo and the family became neighbors. During her stint as a realtor, Francine helped the pair buy a house across the street from the Smiths. Stan has accepted the couple’s lifestyle and even counts them as friends.

Klaus Heissler was a German ski-jumper in the 1986 Olympics. The CIA transferred his brain into a goldfish to prevent him from winning the gold medal. He now resides in a fishbowl in the Smiths’ home. He frequently gives commentary and occasional advice to the family members. He also converses and socializes with aquatic decorations in his bowl. In one instance he and Steve shared an outbreak of ick that kept Steve home from school.