About A Boy

About a Boy

First a book, then a movie and now a television series, About a Boy tells the story of a self-centered playboy who forms an unexpectedly deep friendship with the son of a crazily over-protective mother. The NBC series made its debut in February 2014, and it has been renewed for a second season. About a Boy encapsulates the plot of Nick Hornby’s novel and the movie adaptation in the first episode of the series, which allows the show to tell new stories about the engaging characters. Viewers can watch About a Boy online to see what happens next.


About a Boy, a Man, a Neighbor and More

Living off the royalties of a single hit song, songwriter Will Freeman is enjoying a carefree single life when Fiona Bowa and her 11-year-old son Marcus move in next door. The single mother’s over-protective behavior is making it challenging for Marcus to form friendships, and Will reluctantly begins to assume the role of father as he intervenes on the boy’s behalf. Encouraged by Will’s married friend Andy, the relationship between Will and Marcus develops into a deep friendship that helps both of them grow and mature.

Cast and Characters

About a Boy stars David Waltron as Will Freeman, a single, unemployed man who spends his time chasing women and playing poker with friends. Waltron has starred in several television programs, including 100 Questions, Bent and Perfect Couples. He has also played recurring roles on New Girl, Quartlife and Heist. Presenting just the right mix of heart and humor, Waltron is perfect in the role.

Playing the controlling but well-meaning mother Fiona Bowa, Minnie Driver is a British actress best known in America for her role in the film Good Will Hunting, which earned her an Academy Award nomination. Driver has appeared in numerous films and television series, including a starring role in The Riches for which she received an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Driver plays the soul-searching Fiona to perfection with a vulnerability that makes her lovable even when she’s acting unreasonably.

Best known for his work on the FOX sitcom Sons of Tuscon, Benjamin Stockham demonstrates a precocious intelligence that helps breathe life into the character Marcus Bowa. Stockham’s acting is never diminished by the obvious acting chops of his two adult co-stars, and he brings a surprisingly amount of emotional depth to the role.

The always hilarious Al Madrigal portrays Andy, Will’s best friend. Madrigal began his career as a stand-up comedian and has appeared regularly on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He’s been a frequent guest on late-night talk shows and has co-starred on the sitcoms Gary Unmarried and Welcome to the Captain. Annie Mumolo plays Andy’s wife, Laurie. Mumolo is better known as the writer of the 2011 hit move Bridesmaids, which earned her a BAFTA Awards for Best Original Screenplay.


The television version of Nick Hornby’s popular book essentially starts at the end of the novelist’s story, with bachelor Will Freeman saving Marcus from embarrassment at a school talent show. In subsequent episodes, Will spars with Marcus’ mother Fiona over the best way to raise her son. Although the two gradually learn to work together to help Marcus, viewers who watch About A Boy online shouldn’t expect a romantic relationship to blossom between the two leading adult characters any time soon.

Romantic relationships are the subject of some of the episodes, however. In the episode “About a Boy’s Dad,” for example, Marcus’s father comes for a visit, and it’s clear that Fiona still has a soft spot for the man who left the family for adventures in Antarctica. In episode 6, “About a Bublé,” Will meets the charming and attractive Dr. Samantha Lake (played by Adrianne Palicki). Will pursues “Dr. Sam” in later episodes, and the first season ends with a big move that may put an end to the everyday encounters between Will and Marcus. With a second season already in the works, however, viewers can count on seeing a continuing relationship when they watch About a Boy online.

A Jason Katims Production

About a Boy was developed by writer and producer Jason Katims, best known for his Emmy Award winning work on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. The show has the same of emotional pull as his two NBC hits, but the writing for the new series has more of a comedic edge. While the show is effective at portraying genuine emotion to explore the complexities of meaningful relationships, About a Boy is at its best when it uses comedy to illustrate the pitfalls of single parenthood and the ultimately unsatisfying aspects of life as a self-centered bachelor.

About a Boy Crosses Over

With both Parenthood and About a Boy set in the San Francisco Bay Area, Katims felt that it made sense to include a few crossover episodes in the series. Parenthood fan-favorite Crosby Braverman (played by Dax Shepard) is featured in the episode “About a Poker Night,” and Katims expects that there will be more crossover episodes in the future. Parenthood is entering its last season, so fans of the shows will want to watch About a Boy online to see how the characters interact. If About a Boy is extended for a third season, the show may become a new home for some of the Parenthood characters.