2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is a long-running network show on CBS. This outrageous comedy series focuses on two girls from opposite sides of the tracks in life who should have nothing at all in common. Warner Brothers Television brings the show written by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings to life each week. The show first aired on September 19, 2011, and is a part of the fall lineup.

Regular viewers have seen the title duo deal with entrepreneurial difficulties as they struggle to keep a fledgling cupcake business afloat and combat various relationship struggles including Caroline’s flirtatious fling with a French bakery school chef and owner and Max’s on again/off again relationship with a rich kid who prefers to live the simple, poor life posing as a down-on-his-luck dufus named Deke.

This show has been a hit since the first season. It has won many awards including a People’s Choice Award, a Teen’s Choice Award and several Emmy Awards. Watch 2 Broke Girls online and get ready to laugh.


2 Broke Girls Main Characters

Caroline Channing, played by Beth Behrs, is a “poor little rich girl” whose father was indicted for embezzlement and is serving time in a federal prison. She grew up with everything, and her world turned upside down overnight. She found herself homeless along with her prized thoroughbred horse, Chestnut, claiming she had lost everything but her virginity.

Max Black, played by Kat Dennings, didn’t have a spoon in her mouth when she was born. Her mother was barely around, leaving Max to fend for herself as a child, and she doesn’t even know who her father is. She grew up struggling to overcome poverty. Max’s redemption is a never-say-die attitude and a penchant for sex and drugs.

When the two girls meet, Max gets Caroline a job as a waitress at the greasy spoon diner she works at. Throughout the series, the two girls have learned to work together to overcome relationship and job struggles. However, each time they seem to come out on top, something new seems to threaten their financial and romantic success, leading them to continue to rely on each other and their friends.

2 Broke Girls is a fun and satirical look at friendship, entrepreneurship and unity. It may not be a show for the faint of heart, but it will leave you laughing at the crazy situations and bawdy references. There is no shortage of innuendo in this feisty sitcom; the show uses the over-the-top humor in a way makes it difficult to be offended by even the most outrageous remarks. Because the show focuses on the girls’ struggle to get by and work their way from broke to entrepreneurial success, their current financial status is featured at the end of each show.

Additional Cast Members

The show is rounded out by a broad cast of regulars. Upstairs in the girls’ rundown apartment is their neighbor, Sophie, a voluptuous immigrant from Poland played by Jennifer Coolidge. At the restaurant, they work with Oleg, a sleazy but loveable cook from the Ukraine played by Jonathan Kite, and Earl, a broken-down old hustler played by Garrett Morris. The owner of the restaurant is a small but hilarious Korean man Han Lee, played by Matthew Moy, who is the brunt of many jokes that he somehow manages to walk himself into every time.

Season Breakdown for 2 Broke Girls

Season one focuses on how the two girls overcome their own material differences and very different upbringings. Where Max is street smart and savvy from having to practically raise herself, Caroline is sophisticated and holds a degree from Wharton Business School. They learn about each other and find that they have a lot more in common than either of them would have ever imagined, including a good sense of humor to combat everything that’s thrown at them and a reluctance to ever give up.

In season two, more of the attention is focused on the trouble the pair gets into and how they use their combined talents developed through their varied upbringing to get out of jams together. Season two highlights the plan to turn Max’s talent for baking cupcakes she sells at the restaurant into a full-time business that will lift them out of poverty.

Season three of the series finds the pair struggling with their business, running it out of the restaurant after they lose their shop. Max enrolls in baking college to learn the finer points of creating delicious cupcakes, and in order to pay her tuition, Caroline takes a side job in the school’s office next to a neurotic secretary and the hot, flirtatious bakery school owner Luis, played by Federico Dordei.

Season four promises more fun and zany antics by the girls and their friends. A guest appearance by Kim Kardashian in the season premiere is just one reason to get ready to tune in on October 27, 2014. Don’t miss out on the fun. Watch 2 Broke Girls online to get caught up with all the seasons and prepare for season four.